Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why the San Jose - Patterson (California) freeway SR130 is needed, inclucing GHG emission reduction!

Democrat, environmentalist, and other  politicians and advocates desire to reduce motorist and truckers' vehicle miles of daily travel to comply with AB32/SB375 and federal transportation planning objectives to and from San Jose, CA, the third largest SMSA in California, then SR130 from San Jose's US101 to Patterson's I-5 junction must be built sooner rather than later.

SR130 could be entitled The Mt Hamilton freeway.  Look at a road map of the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley.
This environmentally sensitive and aesthetic 40-mile highway would immediately save 55 miles of road travel in each direction (!!!) from the current circuitous route of I-5 to I580, I-680, to US101, or south to SR152, then up US101 to San Jose. It  reduces or eliminates much of the congestion on I-680, I-580, I-205, as far north as I-80.   SR130 would reduce the congestion and traffic volume that travel south to SR152 and up US101 through southern Santa Clara County. 

The benefits will be reduction of not only VMT, but also Vehicle Hours Traveled (VHT) -- vehicle operating costs of tens of thousands of vehicles and motorists per day by directing traffic volumes more directly to/from the San Jose area to points East, Northeast (Sacramento and toward Nevada), and south through Gilroy.
We must start planning to build it, right (with environmental and wildlife sensitivity) now.

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