Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Democrat's push for the lie of so-called "Livable" and "Sustainable" communities with the pacifier of "affordable housing" (with less-than-adequate parking for the lower income tenants. are nothing more than high-density developers profit-making, west of I-280 special interest Democrat donors are really nothing more than developer-backed special interest programs that hurt our beautiful, truly livable suburban quality of life where all occupants enjoy a well-balanced community that is served by adequate infrastructure and services.

VTA's effort to sell off public land now used for park-and-ride lots that were bought originally by taxpayers for our roads including interchanges is to increase revenue at the expense of future generations, including another government hit to the prosperity and life enjoyment of Millenniums.

Read Mark Levin's recent book "Plunder and Deceit" to understand the larger picture, but here is one comment that I made in the August 2017 Santa Clara County VTA Connections newsletter about yet another Park-and-Ride lot selloff for high-density projects that will clog our unwidened roads even more so VTA's greed can be satisfied as well as wealthy high-density developers who generally live in low-density, expensive communities.

Here goes my comment:

A "Livable" community to make "moving around more easily" means, in theory of high-density developers only, moving by VTA's recently cutback transit-only method only, but with much more difficulty by personal motor vehicles, SUVs, cars, Pickups, etc whether by auto-mobile, delivery or service vehicles, more congestion, more pollution, more GHG. This is VTA government B.S. Not that it will make any difference to the deaf VTA leadership (GM, BOD), I hope neighbors will attend to express concerns and protect our true quality-of-life, not the VTA government's obtuse socialist, central-planning misstep.
As demonstrated by recent nearby congestion-causing "moving around--but with more difficulty--Transit Oriented Developments, Palmia (over the old golf course), Village Oaks Urban Ghetto (aka "Village"), Transit-oriented density only congests city streets more, increasing the likelihood of vehicle collisions, property damage, slower traffic, and bicycle and pedestrian accidents, let alone density-oriented crime increase with SJ's deficient police force that picks and chooses crimes it chooses to dispatch.

Note: the reason for conversion of VTA park-and-ride lots (formerly often planned expressway or adjacent freeway ingress/egress ramps) is the unrealistic performance metric put upon the VTA General Manager's pay by the VTA Board of Directors to increase VTA's operating sell off "excess" land to raise revenue while increasing congestion and other dislocations against the nearby communities. If VTA really wanted to improve performance, they would pave over light rail snail-rail streetcar trackage to enable a real HOV lane that will move thousands more people daily, real mass transit by private and public bus, intercity and charter coaches, carpools, etc..

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Comments about California's need for added Gas and EV VMT tax increase proposals 08-19-2015

California desperately needs the state gasoline tax increase tied to road, repeat, road, that is, rubber-tired transportation systems for the vast motorist-users.  A simple gas-tax VMT, not congestion-priced 'road user fee', for EVs, ULEVs, and LEVs with EPA mileage rating above 50 mpg @.05 cents/mile (equivalent and fixed to gas excise and sales taxes aggregate cost per cents/mile).  Annual or bi-annual in-lieu smog checks of EVs automobiles can read their mileage change and automatically send to DMV as smog data is sent currently.
Secondly, but very important is that any tax or VMT must negate tolls on our roads, eliminate government's abuse of Congestion-Pricing to influence citizen behavior, and formally deny any of these monies for the HSR rip-off, waste, and cap-and-trade tax diversion boondoggle  that is based on the illegal and unconstitutional HSR 2008 Prop 1A ballot measure (per 3rd CA Appellate Court decision, January 2011 C60441),  
We need to improve our roads, like I-5 Grapevine to Sacramento, SR84-Fremont to Vacaville, SR130, finish SR152 from 156 to US101, SR156 Prunedale to Catroville, SR138 build Freeway from I-5 to SR18 Victorville, I-15 Nevada line to I210/I10/SR60/SR91 then to I-215. and so many more roads that not only take cars off local roads, improve safety via capacity increase, while generating net revenue, rather than govt-run transit that requires more major tax subsidies for every new additional route and product.  Transit should be primarily General Fund supported as a social purposed facility, and/or privatize appropriate transit operations to save $.
It is important to note that all of the organizations cited in the article all support California's rip-off High Speed Rail--and are Democrats or Democrat-run "Public Policy" groups, for example, BAC, SVLG, Gov. Brown ("I Like Trains," 1/27/15 at HSR groundbreaking ceremony who has always opposed roads and freeways in favor or LRT and HSR).  The huge, as yet undefined funding source, for this Calif. HSR Democrat political waste and wrongly diverted partly motorist and student tuition, low-income, disabled, in-home services social programs' diverted-funds project must be stopped, or at least segregated from critical rubber-tired mobility projects that this is billed for:"roads".  Democrats too often get away with using the Trojan Horse of road and pothole repairs and projects to fund their nefarious, crony-capitalist (high density, urban-congesting "TOD" fraud land owning and developer campaign contributing projects (Think Irvine Land Company among others (for BRT, LRT, HSR) and crony socialist (too many labor unions) and enviro-socialist big government, degrowth pushers (per Mark Levine) and Native Big infrastructure Destructialists, (Sierra Club, Center for Bio-Diversity, NRDC, TransForm and too many other environmentalist facade socialist advocacy front groups in my view, all underpinning Democrat Party political activists and politicians).

Yes gas tax and EV VMT tax/fees for rubber-tired multi-vehicular mobility, eliminate all tolls and congestion-pricing for government-owned roads and paid-off bridges. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

How many more must die by Caltrain- Another (suicide) death on the sacrifical CA High Speed Rail--Caltrain shill trackway, 8-2015, 60-since 2011, 219-since 1995

How many more must die on Caltrain's HSR surrogate tracks?   What can we do?

What we can do is fight to pressure the respective Democrat-controlled city/town councils along the Peninsula Rail Corridor to bring far safer, grade-separated--by law! to replace this 1864 (US Civil War, once Rural) trackway with electrified, quieter, more frequent, high-farebox recovery BART down the Peninsula. I've been doing this for the past 4 years, ever since a grandfather of 5 that I used to see in the supermarket was killed by a Caltrain, similar to the latest one near blossom Hill. Since I've been begging the city councils (right after many deaths occur) to open talks to extend BART and close the BART Around The Bay loop for safety in 2011--60 have died.   Also, demand at tonight's (most Mondays) 6:pm Palo Alto Council meeting that Palo Alto join the Atherton lawsuit against Caltrain-HSR Electrification as they cited multiple similar safety issues that are built-in to the Caltrain-HSR surface trackway. Remember, Caltrain tracks are the designated HSR trackway since 1995--13 years before the deceptive, unconstitutional ballot 2008 vote for Prop 1A HSR. (KCBS "Indepth" interview with CHSRA Chair Dan Richard, January 11, 2015: Gov. Jerry Brown, "...working for 30 years to bring HSR to California." Face the Nation interview with Bob Schiefer, 2012 (Caltrain was started in with Gov Brown funding in 1982) ).
Worse yet, the election of Sacramento Democrat machine puppets Liz Kniss and Sen. Hill's coy Cory Wolback have created a pro-HSR majority on the all-Democrat PA CC, so only public pressure from locals, esp. Democrat citizens, *might* get them to buck Sacramento's powerful Democrat machine--Peninsula Lives Matter!!!.  These kids and the 218 who have died on Caltrain's tracks since the 1995 decision by Sacto's CHSRA to use these tracks (same size as HSR, unlike BART's different track width). If HSR is to be then, it ought to go up the East Bay, not the more densely, and increasingly dense, dead-end (no pun) Peninsula Corrdior.  BART's elevated, tunnel, or trench requirement will save lives. The sooner we start to get BART, now that all counties have voted for it, and PA and MV voters in 2008 both voted (Measure A) by over 2/3 to tax themselves for BART additional 1/8 cent, then the sooner these deaths, even suicides, will be reduced due to harder to access tracks--but the citizens and councils and all levels of govt (Dem) must form a consensus to work with VTA and SamTrans to collaborate with BART and get funding.  BART will have the newer cars then--and allow bicycles more as well 
The sooner we start this effort, the sooner the 15-20 year plan-fund-build work will replace Caltrain-HSR street-level tracks with BART grade separated tracks.  As I have repeatedly advised PA, MP, MV councils, that still means these higher speed, horizontal-guillotine violent  dismemberment or crushing deaths, especially by the higher speed (Baby) Bullet trains will amount to about 200 more dead on the tracks.  How many more must die before we work to stop this sad, horrorific situation in our midst?  We voters in the SF Peninsula area should have started in 2000 when SM and SC county voters overwhelmingly voted to support BART, 15 years ago, but late is better than never--especially for those who are toddlers today!

One can only wonder if others are dying in California along tracks secretly held frozen, without improvement for better, safer service, by Gov. Jerry Brown and other Rail Foamers in Southern California and Central California?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Latest deathcount on Democrats' CA HSR sacrificial Altar of Death: Caltrain of SF Bay Area

Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Burlingame voters must understand that Caltrain is and has been the placeholder for CHSRA High-Speed Rail placeholder from Sacramento-based Democrat Party and their local Democrat zombie puppets, Stepford Wives and Zombiers.  To them, it does not matter how many die, how violently since they decided in about 1995 to use Caltrain's tracks. 218 dead since 1995, 7 dead this year, and 59 dead since I started going to the PA aned MP City Councils in 2011 (to meetings after most deaths) to at least 10% each year 

This is the powerful state Democrat agenda, that unless Demcrats Hill, Speier, Eshoo, Honda, "oh so clever" Burt, are convinced to change their positions and support Atherton's Caltrain Electrification lawsuit--that lays out all the reasons for the recent and past track deaths, and fight Caltrain-HSR "improvements" rather than the far safer, same cost, electrified, no horns, more frequent service of BART, then the deaths will occur.  Despite MP's crocodile tears at recent meetings, and the unfunded underpass notion, the real solution is a consensus of Peninsula cities unified to fight the coming state Eminent Domain power of CHSRA and work to bring down BART to join with SJ/SC coming station. Unfortunately, another 200 will die during this planning-construction 20 year period. Too bad we didn't start planning and building BART southward from Millbrae back in 2000 when both counties voters approved BART to join the others around the Bay. 

Bottom line is that the Democrat power politics of CHSRA and its capitalist (profiteers) and socialist (leftist environmental, especially local Sierra Club and high-density (Smart Growth/Sustainable) central planning crony advocates will continue the deaths unabated, even if HSR comes through-no money for Grade Separations and its need for 20% operating funds from HSR-owned (Eminent Domain) retail and denser property values with 1/2 mile of stations--including Palo Alto. 
  • Caltrain deaths are politically enabled as the Peninsula's placeholder, since 1995, for state and local Democrat's desire to impose inappropriate HSR into California. 
  • (Listen to CHSRA Chair's interview on KCBS, 740 AM, January 11, 2015, and, Rod Diridon Sr's comments on KBAY 94.5, Sunday March 01, 2015 Sunday a.m. radio broadcast w/ Sam van Sant) 
  • BART requires, by law, grade separation to zero-out such conflicrts with traffic and avoid many all-too-easy suicides, but it must complete the last 30 miles down the Peninsual from Millbrae to Santa Clara to loop the Bay for bi-directional doubling of capacity, not HSR

The voters of Peninsula voters have to stop being "Gruber-ized" by clever Democrat politicians and influence or elect those who are openly oppsed to Gov. Brown's "Moonbeam" HSR (not Democrat appeasers) and its devastating effects and higher taxes on adjacent communities, but more importantly on our lives.
Assembly Candidate George Yang, who ran for statewide office in 2014, and is likely to run in 2016 understands all this, supports BART around the Bay, including the Peninsula Caltrain replacement, and, if HSR cannot be stopped, then to run HSR up the East Bay to Oakland for riders to use BART from SJ or Oakland to get to SF, and, later, HSR will have a straight track to Sacramento by the demonstrably busy I-80 corridor--as Amtrak does now and with the Capitol Corridor trains..

[Similarly posted on Palo Alto Patch, 03-05-2015]

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Two more Caltrain-HSR shill's sacrificial HSR Altar of Death-suicides in do-little Palo Alto Council's City

On October 15, 2014 a 19-year old, 1-year post-high school graduate committed suicide, according to Caltrain's administration, near the Charleston Road crossing,  by placing himself in front of an oncoming urban Caltrain street-level commuter rail placeholder (for High Speed Rail)...yet another of Governor Jerry Brown's and California Democrat Party political sacrifice...on his vanity(vanity per Kashkari) project HSR, and its altar of (easy access) death.

On November 4, 2014 another teenager, 16 years old from Palo Alto's Gunn High School, Caltrain suspects committed suicide around 1:00 am just south of Palo Alto's California Street station.   This is yet another of Governor Jerry Brown's and California Democrat Party political sacrifice...on his vanity("vanity project" per Neel Kashkari, former 2014 candidate for Governor) project HSR, and its altar of (easy access) death. '

I am concerned that these all-too-easy fatalities, whether by accident or suicide or whatever, amounting to 9 this year, 2014; 50 since 1/1/2011, 210th since 1/1/1995, are a continuing result of the one-party, e.g., Democrat, majority rule, monopoly, and obedience of the unified result of San Francisco Bay Area political bodies at local, county, regional, state, and federal levels who have united to support their insensitive, uncaring, ego-driven Democrat Governor and the cronies who support him, regardless of how many die on these outdated trackage, a deadly embarrassment to Silicon Valley's innovation, creative, and "creative destruction attitude that prevails up the SF Bay Peninsula--except for this long-time deadly street level HSR shill--Caltrain.  Even HSR is currently set to be at street level, thus terminating those people on its shared street tracks, but at 110 mph instead of Caltrain's up  to 75 mph speed (whether by accident or suicide).

It is past time to start work to replace Caltrain-HSR shill with a safer, electrified, street-separated, zero traffic congesting, bay area wide, integrated real mass transit system--BART.   Replacing the Caltrain-HSR shill will cost about the same as "upgrading" the outdated Caltrain-HSR train from SJ to SF by replace it with BART for the final 30 miles up the Peninsula, to seamlessly connect and close the Bay Area loop with Eastbay commuters to/from the Peninsula's Silicon Valley employers.  BART should save many more lives due to its legally required street separation.  Unfortunately, replacing Caltrain-HSR with BART will take about 15-20 years, thus another 200 deaths of friends, neighbors, and others on Caltrain-HSR tracks.  But, the effort will only start with public/voter pressure on local, regional, and state Democrat officeholder sufficient to overcome Governor Brown, the (anti-human) Sierra Club, Big Labor, and Democrat-led Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Bay Area Council go-along, get-along business members.

Here is a 2010 article response Comment about these unfortunate deaths and the Mineta Transportation Institute's so-called "Correction" about Caltrain deaths, for some background:

 Important footnote:  In 2010 the earmark, specially Democrat funded "Mineta Institute for Transportation" //(MIT) was headed and, from my own experience, an anti-automobile, pro-rail federal and state Democrat funded advocacy "institute" (hah!!!!) thus any such "Correction": as noted above that downplays the extreme danger of this outrageous, out-of-place, ought-to-be, and once was pre-urban, rural commuter train that runs through increasingly dense SF Bay Area Peninsula cities at street level (causing huge cross and parallel traffic delays must be viewed from MIT's  "rail foamer" bigotry.  The hidden agenda is the scandal that not only prevents electrified street-separated BART from replacing this deadly Caltrain (210 dead since 1995, 50 since 1/1/2011, and 9 so far this year on this historic (1864 US Civil War built) trackage, but that Caltrain is really the Peninsula placeholder for the CA and Bay Area Democrats' High-speed rail corridor--regardless of how many lives must be sacrificed by suicide or accident.  As Gov Jerry Brown and MIT's then-ExecDir, former CAHSRA now US HSR head, Rod Diridon Sr said, in separate media (CBS Face-the-Nation with Bob Schiefer), Kbay, Southbay Sunday with Sam van Zandt) interviews, verbatim that "I've been working for 30 years to bring high speed rail to California...." HSR was only approved in 2008, though the CAHSRA had been funded for over a decade by Sacramento Democrat legislators.  Additionally, I allege that the last two-lanes 13 miles of SR152 Pacheco Pass near Gilroy that kills and injures a number of people every year (4 dead this year alone) because it was determined by local Democrats to be extorted into an improved 4 lane congestion-priced toll road whose excess revenue (about $2Billion to 2040) could help fund the adjacent planned HSR.  That is the full story of the result of one-party Democrat monopoly control of all local, county, regional, state, and federal elected and appointed boards--and the two leading business leadership groups in cahoots.  By the way, another two suicides occurred on the Palo Alto Caltrain-HSR tracks in the past 3 weeks--but public officials (Democrat- controlled) will do nothing in sacrificial service to their crony-capitalist (or, perhaps, crony Socialist)HSR god.  If HSR is to be, then it should follow the existing Amtrak route to San Jose, then Oakland to points east, not the few riders heading to SF.

Monday, September 22, 2014

9/20/14-- 2 more deaths on Democrat politicians' California High Speed Rail extortion Sacrificial Altar of Death delayed transportation facilities

Another 2 deaths, Saturday 9/20/2014, on SF Bay Area's Democrat Party politicians' High Speed Rail (outdated) Sacrificial transportation facilities' Altar of Death:   on the remaining 2-lane farm-to-market deadly 13 miles that leads (shockingly) into of SR152 Pacheco Pass, that I contend (after over 30 years of Santa Clara County citizen and motorist transportation advocacy, including for the early 1990's widening and now SR85 freeway) is directly related to holding back on a search for funding to widen this stretch to far safer 4-lanes in order to extort/fool the public that a toll road is the only way to build this.  Not true though. The real reason these people die (~7 year, plus injuries, property damage and costly congestion and related delays on this highway stretch since about 2004 when CAHSR Chair and rail advocate Rod Diridon Sr (now head of the USHSR Association) announced this would be the route of the future HSR.  Making SR152 Pacheco Pass a toll road would, according to official Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (SCVTA) past and current plan, VTP 2040, generate via the deadly extortion of widening it to a 4-lane Congestion Priced Toll Road over $2 Billion more than needed to construct and maintain it.  The $2Billion would be used to help fund the HSR through the Pass. Until Los Banos rejected a SR152 through its town, the plan had been to makie SR152 from Gilroy to Maders a CP Toll Road. SCVTA has NOT searched for grants, earmarks, or ARRA funds (like the Prunedale bypass, SR46 from Paso Robles to Lost Hills, etc) deliberately to drive for a motorist -CP Tolled windfall to flow to the HSR windfall.  Worse yet, HSR is and has been without public knowledge until last year, the reason that the easy Suicide/Accident killer train Caltrain continues to exist, rather than planning to finally encircle the SF Bay with one high capacity, frequent, safer, electrified, street-separated ( (zero congestion on nearby roads) rail sysstem: BART Around the Bay, as originally planned. Caltrain's outdated (1864) trackage have seen 7 people killed this year on its 64 miles of track, 48 since 2011, and 208 since 1994. Jerry Brown (and Diridon) admitted in separate on-air 2012 media interviews that they have been working to bring HSR "to California for 30 years". Caltrain was started in 1982 with initial 3 year funding by the first Jerry Brtown admiinistration.

Christie's so-called GW Bridgegate is nothing compared to this deadly SR152 Pacheco Pass and Caltrain scandal. It is particularly outrageous and egregious that these two deadly transportation facilities continue to kill and congest and pollute (think GHG) without funding to deliberately feed future HSR.  This is only possible because of the Democrat monopoly of SF Bay Area transportation politics who march together like Stepford Wive Zombies for HSR, no matter the human cost.  Neel Kashkari has been advised of this scandal, but does not seem to realize that Jerry Browm's Achilles Heel is his anti-motorist, anti-road, costly pro-HSR actions, some of which contribute to these accidents, deaths, and GHG.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

07/23/14 Comment in Fresno Bee July 14, 2014 article about the first (abandoned, bar) building demolition to make way for the California HSR.  

CA HSR must be stopped to protect jobs that will be lost due to stated decreased roadside businesses, casinos. highway-dependent business cost increases and deprivation of various tax and fee, for example, Airport revenues from diverted motorists (supposedly) and worse, takes still precious and too-few funds for Californians safety net needs ranging from IHSS, schools, University student fee reductions, Calworks, children and disabled assistance, state hospital and prison improvements, our still-underfunded Court system that is slowing our constitutional needs for swift justice.  Worse yet, the Central Valley needs (jobs) for major water projects not absurd, political-only multi-tax increases, road toll (starting with SR152 Pacheco Pass (to Los Banos from US101 Gilroy (Caltrain’s not coincidental starting point—standard track width as HSR) in SCC, was originally to Madera (Wow!, surprise, surprise, then other "high-priority" freight corridors--Gagliani is as disingenuous as politicians can be (much more here) to fund this. 
So, it will cost many more jobs than HSR will create, from Casino workers, to truckers, warehousemen, agriculture, other road-dependent users (much more here). HSR competes with at least 100 flights per day from SF Bay Area to LA Area's "Intense Competition" corridor (per Virgin America, which just dropped its unprofitable routes in the corridor), 5 intercity scheduled coach lines--all of whom pay taxes and fees to all levels of local, regional, state (and Fed) govt entities.  Shame on this project.
But worst of all, is that SF Bay Area's (Gilroy-to-SJ-SF) Caltrain,  Jerry Brown and Rod Diridon Sr's acknowledged placeholder for HSR that they stated on CBS' Face the Nation w/Bob Schiefer and KBAY 94.5 Sunday a.m. Community Show last year, respectively, that they "...have been working for 30 years to bring HSR to California".
Caltrain was started by Gov. JB's initial funding in 1982, unbeknownst, and unapproved by the public with a deceitful and illegal ballot, authored by no-Livinston-Merced State Senator Gagliani, (CA 3rd Appellate Court Case C060441, January 2011) in Nov. 2008 (Proposition 1A).
My research of news articles has 205 dead on Caltrain’s (1864, yes Civil War era!) surface trackway ROW, since 1995, already 4+ this year, the latest only days ago July 10, 2014 in its Atherton trackway.  But, Jerry Brown doesn't care. He wants to spend taxpayer billion$ on his Crazy, wasteful, unnecessary, train to run through miles of empty land or, in the SF Bay Area, densely populated, dangerous, narrow Peninsula corridor to share 2 tracks with freight trains, 2 different speed schedules of Caltrain, and its own 110 mph runs. Crazy, Deadly, and Dangerous.    

I contend that the victims died because of Jerry Brown's obsession with his HSR Altar rather than serving the public for their true infrastructure needs with precious state tax and bond dollars..

Want more?  Here's more:  SR152's last 13 miles has been held up since 2005 when fellow Democrat Rod Diridon Sr’s (Brown's former  local 1978 re-election chair, progeny, CAHSR Chair, and, until recently taxpayer-funded (40 yrs) rail zealot, now head of the US HSR Association) announced the SR152 Pacheco Pass alignment would be the HSR route 3 years before the ballot measure.  Diridon had one of his students at the SJSU Mineta Transportation Institute (Diridon was CEO of the “Institute) do a "study" and survey about the palpability of toll roads to fund transit and rail (following the 2004 AB2002, Dutra law that permitted such for nearby transit lines from nearby toll roads). 
Accordingly, a study to finish that last 13 miles was suddenly halted shorthly thereafter due to"no money". 

Hah!  Despite TARP, ARRA, and multiple Highway Bills since, nothing has happened to seek federal or state road monies (pending their Democrat plan for Congestion-Priced Tolling with HSR being built nearby in the future to suck up road monies.  This is the model used in Portland Oregon's I-84/LRT combination, CA SR85/87 with LRT), and apparently France's Paris-Lyon HSR+Toll road.  

SF Bay Area and Central Valley Democrats, especially Gagliani, are aligned.  

But Quentin Kopp and Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom get it--the waste.  They understand HSR funds would be better spent on regional projects--BART all the way around the SF Bay-one high capacity, safer, heavy rail system; Water infrastructure needs funds in the Central Valley; and SoCal major rail and transit projects (roads,too?) need funds to move residents efficiently. 
Because of the (primarily Democrat, plus Republican Swearingen's foolishness), HSR Altar of death is resulting in motorists being killed and injured regularly in Truck/Car and Car/Car collisions on that unimproved, delayed, SR152 2-lane highway's last 13 miles: most recently May 14, 2014 a ghastly beheading in a 1995 Hyundai-truck crash. Just on Monday July 21, another died with others injured in a truck-multi-car crash. Yet, Gov. JB cut Caltrans funding this fiscal year, 2015. Incredible!

All this on Jerry Brown's HSR Altar of Death for HIS ego, not to serve the citizens, taxpayers, residents, motorists, tourists, emergency services works, and farmworkers who use the SR152 essential Farm-to-Market route from Salinas Valley work to/from the Central Valley, etc.  HSR must be killed, not people. So, the Jerry Brown HSR Altar of Death kills.   Hah, and critics say that NJ Governor has a 4-day scandal of delays, no deaths, on the GW Bridge fiasco.

How about JB's 30 year HSR scandal, or let's say last two years of his first administration and 4 years of this administration, where these two outdated transportation facilities remain unimproved 19th Century street level  trackway  (Caltrain:  46 dead since 1/1/2011) and an early 20th Century 2-lane highway (30 dead  estimated) only waiting due to JB's ego-driven rail fetish derived from an insecure childhood and a search for fame and notoriety--that congests and kills Californians in the meanwhile.
The circulating ballot measures and/or lawsuits must be successful to resume real job growth, replenish funding-short public services, schools, court justice and improve water, transportation and other infrastructure facilities. with far greater value to Neel's two focii. The above is just one face, but some of the Fresno-specific "canary in the mine" precursors for the lrest of this modern-day reincarnated SST (remember the SuperSonic Transport that was supposed to revolutionize air travel and "all developed countries" were moving toward adopting. Hah, the EU's Concorde, Russia's TU-144, and US'' Boeing and Lockheed proposal are all gone into the political wasteland of politicians' ego-driven failures. 
Governor Jerry Brown's fetish for this Crazy Train is his downfall.  I've twitted Neel K that JB's Achilles Heel is Transportation including this Crazy Train.   No malice here, just fact, tragedy, and comment.

The above can be verified by searching the web using names and keywords.