Wednesday, November 10, 2010

UC and CSU to raise fees-again- to help pay for the High Speed Rail ripoff

Where are the students, parents, teachers, administrators, education, and all the other unions, like nurses and healthcare unions, public safety, fire, police, and so many other state worker union members who depend on a solid Calif General Fund? 
HSR is draining the General Fund for its annually increasing debt that will reach at least $800M/yr to service this monter's debt -- just for construction!  If it is built, then the annual operating subsidy will reach over $1B/yr with some estimates as high as $4B/yr (Long-Beach press Telegram).
Motorists are seeing more tolling of lanes, soon highways like Pacheco Pass in SR152 and three roads in SoCal--to start, just to pay for this useless, wasteful elitists' 'glamorous' project that will drive the state and so many of its residents to the poorhouse, especially those who need students, teachers, state workers, and those needing state health and human and safety services.

Kill HSR now before it kills California's wealth.

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