Monday, April 16, 2012

Jerry Brown asks Legislature to "Man Up" - Hey Jerry, You "Man Up" and dump HSR to use GF funds for People, not your elitist HSR toy train

Comment to KTVU article about the elitist Jerry Brown demanding the Legislature "Man Up". Freemotorist demands Jerry Brown to "Man Up" and dump his desire to have HSR funded by taxes that California's needy are desperate for:

"Yeah, right, Jerry....Jerry, the silver-spoon fed, upper-class, failed Jesuit, who forces average taxpayers/students/non-building trades union members, police/fire/library workers, needy users of vital health and human services, disabled, autistic children/adults, teachers, park users, animal shelters, and so many other tax-funded (General Fund dependent) Californians to fund his Toys for Elists Electric Vehicle chargers and the horrible High Speed Rail that is nothing more than a failed, modern-day back-to-the-future land-based SST (super sonic transport) --even though at one time 'every other developed country' had the SST. Phooey!. Jerry Brown and his special interest, corporate cronies, liars (Yes, Dan Richard listens to the HSR-bigot, Mineta Transportation Institute--Rod Diridon, it seems), and state Democrat machine leaders need to "Man Up" and abandon the HSR, redirect the funds to extend BART around the Bay (stop Caltrain deaths--5th death on tracks in 2012 occurred today, 4-16-12), improve SR99 (HR761) and improve SoCal Rail, then support the ballot measure to repeal the fraudulent and illegal 2008 ballot measure (Third Appellate Court decision for HJTA against HSR ballot language) and serve the people...if this spoiled brat "Wiley" Brown "Romanov" can humble he could not bring himself to do when he dropped out of the seminary. "

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