Monday, April 29, 2013

S.F. Bay Area's...I-580 comments:

The Westbound I-580 to I680 South (to San Jose) and North (to Walnut Creek) is in desperate need to be upgraded/rebuilt into a high-capacity, high-speed freeway-to-freeway interchange.

This interchange has motorists suffering almost daily accidents, some fatal due to semi-truck involvement and the Hacienda and Hopyard line-of-sight limitations due to their undercrossings, and, the grossly inadequate signage and lane space for traffic to line up and stack to handle the decades-long outdated old interchange.   Indeed, after the BART line was installed in the Westbound I-580 median, Caltrans forgot to move the line-up sign with arrow to the right (the whole freeway was moved over one lane) and a couple of fatal accidents occurred, I called Caltrans to advise them that the sign was pointing to the wrong lane, second from the right, instead of the rightmost lane where the newly aligned lane would line up to the I-680 interchange, especially to San Jose (I-680 South).   Instead of moving the sign and arrow to the right, Caltrans "saved a buck, but killed a motorist" by simply removing the sign's arrow, leaving the sign to simply display "San Jose".   More signs are needed to properly segregate through traffic from I-680's two directions and further west, Foothill Blvd.

Another key contributor to the congestion of I-580, is the lack of the long-planned State Route 130 (SR130) which was designed to pull traffic to/from San Jose directly to Interstate I-5 at Patterson.  It is long past time to get the process started to study, fund, and built SR130 to accommodate and balance out traffic to San Jose, the third largest city in California, San Jose, with over 1 million motorist-inhabitants and the central Central Valley and all point East between SR152 (Pacheco Pass) and I-580, I680, and reaching to reduce traffic as far as I-80 to/from Sacramento and points East, North, and South (I-5).

I-580 lingering daily and weekend congestion and accidents is just another indication of the failure of MTC/BATA which seems more interested in social(ist) engineering, tolling--not fixing or expanding our highways--under the MTC/BATA's modern day motorists' Caligula, Steve Heminger, Executive Director, in conspiracy with the Democrat monopoly of politicians who sit on the MTC/BATA Board of Directors.

More to come....  

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