Monday, September 22, 2014

9/20/14-- 2 more deaths on Democrat politicians' California High Speed Rail extortion Sacrificial Altar of Death delayed transportation facilities

Another 2 deaths, Saturday 9/20/2014, on SF Bay Area's Democrat Party politicians' High Speed Rail (outdated) Sacrificial transportation facilities' Altar of Death:   on the remaining 2-lane farm-to-market deadly 13 miles that leads (shockingly) into of SR152 Pacheco Pass, that I contend (after over 30 years of Santa Clara County citizen and motorist transportation advocacy, including for the early 1990's widening and now SR85 freeway) is directly related to holding back on a search for funding to widen this stretch to far safer 4-lanes in order to extort/fool the public that a toll road is the only way to build this.  Not true though. The real reason these people die (~7 year, plus injuries, property damage and costly congestion and related delays on this highway stretch since about 2004 when CAHSR Chair and rail advocate Rod Diridon Sr (now head of the USHSR Association) announced this would be the route of the future HSR.  Making SR152 Pacheco Pass a toll road would, according to official Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (SCVTA) past and current plan, VTP 2040, generate via the deadly extortion of widening it to a 4-lane Congestion Priced Toll Road over $2 Billion more than needed to construct and maintain it.  The $2Billion would be used to help fund the HSR through the Pass. Until Los Banos rejected a SR152 through its town, the plan had been to makie SR152 from Gilroy to Maders a CP Toll Road. SCVTA has NOT searched for grants, earmarks, or ARRA funds (like the Prunedale bypass, SR46 from Paso Robles to Lost Hills, etc) deliberately to drive for a motorist -CP Tolled windfall to flow to the HSR windfall.  Worse yet, HSR is and has been without public knowledge until last year, the reason that the easy Suicide/Accident killer train Caltrain continues to exist, rather than planning to finally encircle the SF Bay with one high capacity, frequent, safer, electrified, street-separated ( (zero congestion on nearby roads) rail sysstem: BART Around the Bay, as originally planned. Caltrain's outdated (1864) trackage have seen 7 people killed this year on its 64 miles of track, 48 since 2011, and 208 since 1994. Jerry Brown (and Diridon) admitted in separate on-air 2012 media interviews that they have been working to bring HSR "to California for 30 years". Caltrain was started in 1982 with initial 3 year funding by the first Jerry Brtown admiinistration.

Christie's so-called GW Bridgegate is nothing compared to this deadly SR152 Pacheco Pass and Caltrain scandal. It is particularly outrageous and egregious that these two deadly transportation facilities continue to kill and congest and pollute (think GHG) without funding to deliberately feed future HSR.  This is only possible because of the Democrat monopoly of SF Bay Area transportation politics who march together like Stepford Wive Zombies for HSR, no matter the human cost.  Neel Kashkari has been advised of this scandal, but does not seem to realize that Jerry Browm's Achilles Heel is his anti-motorist, anti-road, costly pro-HSR actions, some of which contribute to these accidents, deaths, and GHG.

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