Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Democrat's push for the lie of so-called "Livable" and "Sustainable" communities with the pacifier of "affordable housing" (with less-than-adequate parking for the lower income tenants). are nothing more than high-density developers profit-making, west of I-280 special interest Democrat donors are really nothing more than developer-backed special interest programs that hurt our beautiful, truly livable suburban quality of life where all occupants enjoy a well-balanced community that is served by adequate infrastructure and services.

VTA's effort to sell off public land now used for park-and-ride lots that were bought originally by taxpayers for our roads including interchanges is to increase revenue at the expense of future generations, including another government hit to the prosperity and life enjoyment of Millenniums.

Read Mark Levin's recent book "Plunder and Deceit" to understand the larger picture, but here is one comment that I made in the August 2017 Santa Clara County VTA Connections newsletter about yet another Park-and-Ride lot selloff for high-density projects that will clog our unwidened roads even more so VTA's greed can be satisfied as well as wealthy high-density developers who generally live in low-density, expensive communities.

Here goes my comment:

A "Livable" community to make "moving around more easily" means, in theory of high-density developers only, moving by VTA's recently cutback transit-only method only, but with much more difficulty by personal motor vehicles, SUVs, cars, Pickups, etc whether by auto-mobile, delivery or service vehicles, more congestion, more pollution, more GHG. This is VTA government B.S. Not that it will make any difference to the deaf VTA leadership (GM, BOD), I hope neighbors will attend to express concerns and protect our true quality-of-life, not the VTA government's obtuse socialist, central-planning misstep.
As demonstrated by recent nearby congestion-causing "moving around--but with more difficulty--Transit Oriented Developments, Palmia (over the old golf course), Village Oaks Urban Ghetto (aka "Village"), Transit-oriented density only congests city streets more, increasing the likelihood of vehicle collisions, property damage, slower traffic, and bicycle and pedestrian accidents, let alone density-oriented crime increase with SJ's deficient police force that picks and chooses crimes it chooses to dispatch.

Note: the reason for conversion of VTA park-and-ride lots (formerly often planned expressway or adjacent freeway ingress/egress ramps) is the unrealistic performance metric put upon the VTA General Manager's pay by the VTA Board of Directors to increase VTA's operating sell off "excess" land to raise revenue while increasing congestion and other dislocations against the nearby communities. If VTA really wanted to improve performance, they would pave over light rail snail-rail streetcar trackage to enable a real HOV lane that will move thousands more people daily, real mass transit by private and public bus, intercity and charter coaches, carpools, etc..


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