Thursday, August 20, 2015

Comments about California's need for added Gas and EV VMT tax increase proposals 08-19-2015

California desperately needs the state gasoline tax increase tied to road, repeat, road, that is, rubber-tired transportation systems for the vast motorist-users.  A simple gas-tax VMT, not congestion-priced 'road user fee', for EVs, ULEVs, and LEVs with EPA mileage rating above 50 mpg @.05 cents/mile (equivalent and fixed to gas excise and sales taxes aggregate cost per cents/mile).  Annual or bi-annual in-lieu smog checks of EVs automobiles can read their mileage change and automatically send to DMV as smog data is sent currently.
Secondly, but very important is that any tax or VMT must negate tolls on our roads, eliminate government's abuse of Congestion-Pricing to influence citizen behavior, and formally deny any of these monies for the HSR rip-off, waste, and cap-and-trade tax diversion boondoggle  that is based on the illegal and unconstitutional HSR 2008 Prop 1A ballot measure (per 3rd CA Appellate Court decision, January 2011 C60441),  
We need to improve our roads, like I-5 Grapevine to Sacramento, SR84-Fremont to Vacaville, SR130, finish SR152 from 156 to US101, SR156 Prunedale to Catroville, SR138 build Freeway from I-5 to SR18 Victorville, I-15 Nevada line to I210/I10/SR60/SR91 then to I-215. and so many more roads that not only take cars off local roads, improve safety via capacity increase, while generating net revenue, rather than govt-run transit that requires more major tax subsidies for every new additional route and product.  Transit should be primarily General Fund supported as a social purposed facility, and/or privatize appropriate transit operations to save $.
It is important to note that all of the organizations cited in the article all support California's rip-off High Speed Rail--and are Democrats or Democrat-run "Public Policy" groups, for example, BAC, SVLG, Gov. Brown ("I Like Trains," 1/27/15 at HSR groundbreaking ceremony who has always opposed roads and freeways in favor or LRT and HSR).  The huge, as yet undefined funding source, for this Calif. HSR Democrat political waste and wrongly diverted partly motorist and student tuition, low-income, disabled, in-home services social programs' diverted-funds project must be stopped, or at least segregated from critical rubber-tired mobility projects that this is billed for:"roads".  Democrats too often get away with using the Trojan Horse of road and pothole repairs and projects to fund their nefarious, crony-capitalist (high density, urban-congesting "TOD" fraud land owning and developer campaign contributing projects (Think Irvine Land Company among others (for BRT, LRT, HSR) and crony socialist (too many labor unions) and enviro-socialist big government, degrowth pushers (per Mark Levine) and Native Big infrastructure Destructialists, (Sierra Club, Center for Bio-Diversity, NRDC, TransForm and too many other environmentalist facade socialist advocacy front groups in my view, all underpinning Democrat Party political activists and politicians).

Yes gas tax and EV VMT tax/fees for rubber-tired multi-vehicular mobility, eliminate all tolls and congestion-pricing for government-owned roads and paid-off bridges. 

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