Monday, January 31, 2011

Dateline: Comment in "The American Conservative" about infamous, subsidized Streetcar resurrections

As usual, such transit activists and city or other local government spendthrifts never mention the redistribution funding that Streetcars, whether the provincial, backwards,dangerous, inefficient, inflexible, expensive cost per rider, or LRT, require.  Source: The American Conservative article "Corridors of Crap", by William S Lind "Keep America Moving" block,  about a southern city mayor proselytizing on bringing back 19th-20th century streetcars as if this is some kind of downtown panacea. B.S.! It is just a quest for more money from others to special interests, including foreign manufacturers and unions., to tie up downtown traffic and further prevent downtown adaptability to current and future needs.  They are another grab to waste Redevelopment funds, create more crushing debt, and/or steal more from motorists by another of an endless stream of liberal, spend, spend, spend fantasies.  Streetcars are outdated now. 

Please, get with the program. With 40% of the federal budget on borrowed money, a public debt at $14B and worsening under the Marxist Obama (in action, but not words), then a cornerstone of American prosperity is its automobility. Automobility is in whatever and whenever, free choice, un-tolled, un-subsidized, un-congestion priced, vehicle the free American chooses to drive–and pay for with his or her funds, not someone else’s that is taken by force of law. if streetcars pay for themselves–Directly!, then they fit, otherwise, keep them in the metal scrapyard and sell the relics back to Japan or Europe manufacturers for scrap value. The only way these outdated, early 20th Century vehicles can be funded is by more taxes and fees from desperate local, state, or Federal general funds and, of course, socking the motorist with more fees, taxes, tolls, unlimited congestion pricing, fines, penalties, parking charges and anti-motorist hits.
This site can’t possibly be truly Conservative, only regressive or reactionary. There is a huge difference from appreciating the past in reality and looking forward according to tightly-adhered to US Constitutional principles.

This is just another reason why politicians and public trough eaters need to have a real job to keep in touch with reality. All political jobs should be part-time, and part-time pay, if at all.  The citizen politician

The Washington Muckrakers, Jack Anderson used to write" Only Politics Could Repeal Reality". Amen.

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