Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Congress 2011 Budget: Congress: Kill High Speed Rail now, before it starts.

Posted CNN Money article on the Obama 2011 Budget mispriorities.

Congress MUST Kill High Speed Rail now, before it starts. Stop this insidious nationalized rail expansion.  This is a Third World tax-funded rail limo service that this country does not need nor can it afford with so many needy people, public safety, health and welfare priorities, as others commented here. HSR extends nationalized high-cost unionized, high cost penjsion rail. HSR will require PPP (Public Private Partnership) euphemism for conversion of our highways to Toll Roads to fund this gross monster and fascist (govt+company) ripoffs of users.  Today, roads cost about .04 per mile.  Toll Lanes and roads cost up to $1.00 per mile. Shame.  This under a fake (unregulated, unaccounted-for) environmental lie.   HSR is like black tar heroin to an addict in the eyes of taxpayers. it provides jobs in only one shot only, but costs ever increasing more.  Japan's heralded trains helped drive its debt to twice that of its GDP--and its lagging economy.  3 of the 5 Europe PIIGS countries have hgih-cost HSR, including Spain with its 21% unemployment.  No wonder.  Kill all HSR funding--including California, to save California's budget and preserve money. The 2008 Calif vote was unconsitutional with pro-advocacy language locked in by law with no legal way to change. It is under a HJTA Taxpayer's lawsuit to negate...and voters were distracted by Prop 8 (Gay Marriage).  Watch english.cctv.com to see news direct from Bejing to see how feeble China's transportation systems is: This Spring Festival travel volume (a fraction of US) was primarily by bus and regular railway. HSR helps them, but can cost a full month salary. HSR thrives in countries with strong centrally-planned (rightly or wrongly) countries.  The US champions individualism, not communism.  When was the last time US holiday travel was primarily by bus and Train...1930's.  If any Europe or Japan HSR vendors expect to get contracts in the US, over China's low-cost HSR exports, they are wrong. They gave China technology when they sold them HSR. Google for the article about this.  No US jobs.   The tragedy of Obama is that he lives in a third world mental state. He is reining in the US to become third world. His SofU and Budget reflect this unfortunate headset.  HSR is like the futuristic "SST" (ill-fated Concorde) which Congress rejected to fund in 1969 when private companies could not make the economics work. SST was supposed to be the future of air travel.  Congress must reject the horror of the HSR fraud.  The Voters must reject this third world regressive, destructive shame of a President in 2012. We need taxes for People, not 3rd world pride-only "glamour" projects.  For infrastructure, Roosevelt was right...build roads, not rail, help US people, not foreign firms.

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