Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Save the Federal Budget. Taxes for People not luxury HSR, No tolls. Where are the hurt Unions to stop HSR?

Kill all High Speed Rail projects now before they start -else all those who depend on federal, and especially California, taxes, especially the most vulnerable will suffer. They already are in California-GM (like pre-bankruptcy GM fat union largesse).  The US is not Europe with its medieval land use, nor Asia with poor roads and very expensive intra-country airtravel.  In China, where HSR is being deployed, most intercity travel is by regular rail and bus, not like the advanced US (Interstate Hwys) road and air systems. THe last time the US was like China intercity travel was in the 1920's. NO WONDER HSR works there. Also, Beware, everywhere that HSR is, it requires corruption-inducing "Public Private Partnerships", in transportation, that means toll every country. Same in California the tax, fee, fine, charge and now Toll-road Democrats can't keep their fingers our of our pockets with these wasteful boondoggles that will push us into more debt to low-cost China HSR makers (from stolen IP HSR technology from their initial European and Japanese HSR runs), and higher defiicits.  The California HSR board is made up of termed out, mostly Democrat, former legislators and their former staffs. They lie, misrepresent, overstate, and are not held accountable in the coming California bankruptcy.  And, yet the Calif is so union-run, that even the police, fire, administrating, unions don't raise a voice to stop HSR that is literally costing their members jobs. Only the Building Trades, Transit Union, and Laborers Unions will benefit from the increases taxes and tolls of this unnecessary HSR corporate cronyism (from the ballot campaign contributions) . These unions can be put to work on real projects that build America, not China or France or German interests.
Where is the SEIU, AFSCME, Nurses, and Teachers and University unions and all of us who depend on good roads? Why aren't their members fighting to stop HSR's bleeding of our taxes--and to save their jobs.  Their govt funds will be diverted  to HSR as it is in the 5 PIIGS Europe countries, not coincidentally, 3 of which have HSR...HELLO?! 

See Yahoo's Reuters article on Portugal's finances, today 3-23-11: Reuters, "Portugal government may collapse before EU Summit."
Remember, the other PIIGS that HSR has driven to debt, poor credit, and no lasting jobs (HSR to taxpayers and Democrat-pushers, is like black tar heroin to an addict). Portugal has the same credit rating as California, with the same high interest rate to compensate for the state's lousy debt rating that taxpayers must pay.

Japan's HSR has also created a terrible debt, 228% of its own GDP! And, they lost 4 HSR trains and passengers that could not stop fast enough to prevent their loss after the recent 9.0 earthquake. T

he Feds, Republicans, and Congress MUST delete all HSR $ from the budget, especially to save the low-density California.  Taxes/fees etc are for people needs, especially the most vulnerable among us, not for the elitists to use tax-funded luxury rail limousine service.

Let private companies fund it. if they can--they can't, just as the aircraft manufacturers couldn't with the 1969 SST (Concorde) that Congress refused to fund, then, so too, should Congress reject this.  And, NO TOLL ROADS to fund it. Despite Obama's continuing efforts to make us a third world country, this, too, must be stopped. It won't work in the US as it does in some third world countries.  KILL HSR NOW to save the budget, to save our mobility, to save low-cost driving without new toll roads (PPP), and to help reduce more foreign debt--especially to China which is already the largest foreign holder of US debt--dangerous for our security, US ownership of companies,  and defense.

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