Friday, February 10, 2012

BART around SF Bay, not HSR, only 28 miles to complete seamless B.A.R.T SF Bay loop!!!

I'm back!
BART should consider non-rail, or perhaps DMU to low-population Livermore.  BART needs to refocus to get the most benefit to BART, its existing and new riders, most farebox recovery, and most environmental (including human)benefits...that means finishing the last 28 miles from the now-funded BART extension into Santa Clara up to Millbrae+SFO, the gap remaining around the Bay...hello, B.A.R.T.!  Using funds to from ending the Caltrain Killtrain (178 dead since 1995, 16 slaughtered on its tracks last year, 2 already this year) up the Peninsula ($120M/yr), redirecting Dumbarton Rail funds to BART (since BART will cover all DB Rail cities--cleaner, greener, and safer) ($1B build, xx to operate/yr), and tear down the ugly, decaying DB rail pylons to return the southern SF Bay to its pre-1910 natural state.
And, Bay Area Democrats (the bay area monopoly party) should ask Congressmen Denham, Nunes, McCarthy to amend their HR761 bill which allows the option to redirect Federal HSR funds to SR to apportion some $B of HSR$ to closing this BART gap.  Yes!
Unify SF Bay Area heavy rail service under one high-capacity transit backbone system, with more frequent, safe, electric, system. BART  is scheduled to be largely in Santa Clara by 2018.  Think of it...10-15 years of full-time, high-paying, local CAJ/BT/Rebulid CA and other construction, union and related JOBS, while providing real Berkeley-SF-Stanford-SJ -Fremont-Oakland seamless mass transit!

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