Friday, February 10, 2012

When Assy Leader Perez and the Democrats break out from their Building Trades/CAJ/SEIU Union-Body Snatched/brainless behavior and oppose unaffordable High Speed Rail in California to kill it, then we'll know that they are serious about this education, animal shelter welfare, health, public protection, and human services, parks funding--and saving other administrative/university,/teacher union jobs that are now being cut all over California.  If the rail-fetish nutcase, Gov. Moonbeam Jerry Brown, ever realizes that the so-called "futuristic" HSR (hah!) is a fraud, and not justified by "every other country has it" constant-replay of the mouthed recording-like pro-HSR false blather, then he will realize that HSR is really simply a replay of the 1969-futuristic "SST"--SuperSonicTransport passenger airplane, that US Congress refused to fund or guarantee loans, that other countries went ahead to build, but have now ALL either crashed or are safely in museums as  relics, then California can return to greatness and compete with real world smartness, not emotional, grandiose stupidity.
JB-this old man, has not adapted to the real, modern world--even yet--and we Californians hurt for it. Many BT/CAJ jobs can be had in other SoCal and NoCal construction jobs (i.e., BART up the Peninsula, Unmet Freeway Need widenings, Dams, water and other infrastructure work, etc) as well as avoiding the upcoming $2B/year General Fund depletion for bond service payments (at current low interest rates, wait until they rise!)--that ought to go to hire and pay other state and local (mostly union) workers.  Where are these union leaders?  Why aren't they fighting HSR vigorously, especially those dependent on state and local general funds?  Crazy that they haven't seen the light on this HSR ultimately job-killing wasteful, SST-like project.

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