Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Coming to California soon.  Frequent HSR accidents and fatalities as in Europe and China et al.

1)  (6 dead in Caltrain-like/HSR shared track)

2) (40 dead, no electricity, Positive Train Control fails on second train).

3) track-spain (13 ultimately dead crossing HSR track from Caltrain/Metrolink-like train)

STOP HSR in California now, for safety, finance irregularities and lies, waste, low-tech score, low bidder, and unconstitutional 2008 Ballot measure (January 2011 CA 3rd Appellate Court ruling HJTA C060441)

These are converse photos that news outlets ought to display every time news outlets quote anti-HSR forces. Converse of news outlets' display of (pre-crash!) blue and yellow "sleek" HSR renderings when discussing the stories.

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