Friday, August 16, 2013

Today's daylong overturned 18 wheel flipped big rig that blocked Northbound I-680 near the Sunol CHP Truck Weigh Station is the third major multi-mile, multi-hour long, traffic clogging, and air polluting\ incident in the SJ-Central Valley I-580 and I-680 commute route in the past month.  
Both I-580 eastward congestion from the dangerously outdated Hopyard Rd+I-680 Interchange, these freeways are overcongested/overcapacity due to South Bay Bay's growth over the past decades since either they were built or expanded. 

I-580 east from I-680 was last widened in 1972 by two-lanes each way. It is time to get started to build the long-planned (SR130) direct freeway connection from San Jose to I-5 at Patterson to serve this growth in population, motorists, and business expansion on both sides of the Diablo Range. Patterson, CA, where SR130 would meet I-5 travelers from north, south, and east origins is now where new, large, retail distribution centers are located, Kohls, others, and newly under construction, an Amazon distribution center, as well as its new Tracy distribution center would use this new route over time.  

California needs a direct, low VMT access to/from San Jose (10th largest city in the US, Third largest in the US) to/from the growing Central Valley communities' jobs and homes. 

Once again, the myopic Democrats' Agenda 21, Sustainable Communities Strategy, One Bay Area Plan central government planning by the MTC/BATA and ABAG don't provide for such 
employment growth and related efficient expanded transportation needs. This SR130 reduces VMT beneficially by 55 miles EACH WAY from/to Patterson and from/to San Jose when compared to the current sole I-580 to I-680 route currently available.  

State Route (SR) 130's shortened VMT direct route benefits not only Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) gas/diesel fueled cars (about $5.00 savings in fuel each way), but also low and no emission, especially limited range clean electric, vehicles.

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